CashMAX Forecaster™

Effective. Powerful. Flexible. Easy to Use.

CashMAX Forecaster™ is the only tool you will need to manage and run your business.

CashMAX Forecaster™ helps you:

  • make more money
  • achieve long term lasting financial freedom
  • have more time to do what you want in the business or outside of the business
  • unlock the cash hidden in your business
  • uncover the golden opportunities hidden within your business
  • identify and predict the impact of issues ahead of time, so that you can prepare for them in advance – not try to deal with then in crisis management mode
  • pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your energies so that you don’t waste precious time on small issues that don’t matter

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Let’s be realistic. Current times are tough and things are coming from left field, so we really need to know where we are heading, and how we are going to get there. But there are some many different things you need to be tracking at once. CashMAX Forecaster™ is a powerful tool that allows you to keep an eye on all the different aspects of your business in one easy, convenient location. It generates real time reports that keep you accurately on top of your business so you can make the right decisions in time to make a difference.

As a professional accountant and management consultant, as well as a business owner myself, I know just how valuable and essential this information is to making good decisions and implementing the right strategies when they are needed. In fact every business should have this kind of information, and should be watching it constantly.

My frustration has been that we simply can’t provide it cost effectively to every individual client. For me to sit down with you individually is very likely going to be an investment of thousands of dollars. But I passionately believe that this is a valuable and worthwhile process no matter where you are in the business cycle.

So I decided to take all my knowledge and built CashMAX Forecaster™. Based on my years of experience working with clients in all industries and working towards their specific goals, I took that accumulated knowledge, I pulled together all the models, MicroSoft Excel spreadsheets and databases we spent months and years creating for all those clients, and I poured it all into developing CashMAX Forecaster™.

CashMAX is the outcome of many years of work. It’s powerful and behind the scenes it is working with some very complex algorithms that take a deep knowledge of finance and business systems and processes to work. But you don’t need to know all that to make it work for you.

Everyone’s needs are different, some require simple reports, other people might need something more, but maybe they’re not yet ready today for that.

I have made CashMAX Forecaster™100% flexible and easy to use.

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Start simply and quickly at the basic level, and get immediate results. Once you’ve been working with me and my team here at David Henderson Online, and with CashMAX Forecaster™ for a period, I know you’re going to get more excited about the possibilities for your business. You’re going to want to get more detailed information; you’ll be ready to demand more – and at that stage we are going to help your business really fly.

How is CashMAX Forecaster™ going to help?

How many times do you get to the end of the day, the week, the month or even the year and wonder where the time has gone and what has been achieved? Often we spend a lot of time reacting to day-to-day crises, or working on things which at the end of the day don’t make a difference to the long term goals of the business.

The real secret to achieving success in your business is to just start making your decisions based on a longer viewpoint than the other people in your market. Are you making decisions and taking action steps that are building for the long term? Are you building assets in your business? Or, is your time taken up ‘putting out fires’?

It’s a real catch 22. You’re so busy that it’s tough to get the time and the information together to take the long view, but it’s going to make all the difference when you do it.

That’s exactly why I specifically designed CashMAX Forecaster™ to help you FOCUS on the things that matter – the things that are going to help you achieve your goals that you want.

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I can promise you that when you start focusing on your long term goals, and the steps you need to take to get profitable and stay profitable, you’ll be instantly setting yourself apart in from most other businesses in your market that spend their time fire fighting, not building profitable businesses that deliver the goals.

Running through CashMAX Forecaster™ process makes you really focus on these things. Using CashMAX is a learning process that improves your knowledge about your business and helps you make good decisions.

7 Key Benefits of the CashMAX Forecaster™ Process

  1. Calculate accurately the financial health of your business at any time and decide when it can support expansion and growth
  2. Forecast cash shortages before they happen so you can put strategies in place to deal with them
  3. Decide if a particular project is going to meet your long term goals and work out whether you can fund it
  4. Accurately predict when its time to borrow money or extend your line of credit
  5. Understand the impact on your receivables if there’s a delay in a contract
  6. Make faster and more accurate decisions
  7. Link business goals to key metrics/key indicators and measure against them. You’ll know which strategies are working best for your business.

Use CashMAX to

  • MANAGE – and project where your business heading.  CashMAX Forecaster™ accurately projects the expected financial performance of your business with integrated cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet projections.
  • ANALYSE– whether you are maximising your return.  Use CashMAX Forecaster™ analytical tools to calculate the financial impact of your decisions, eg, what if you increase prices, employ additional staff, relocate etc. You’ll know which strategies are working best for your business.
  • X FACTOR– Take the mystery out of measuring whether you are achieving your goals. CashMAX Forecaster™ will give you the confidence that your management reports are meaningful and accurate so that you can make sound decisions based on the current and correct information.


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My Guarantee

I am so certain that when you use the tools and knowledge that we provide here you will achieve tremendous value, that I guarantee the cost of your investment in these tools, training and knowledge. I can only afford to do this though where you are working with me to achieve specific goals and participating in the ongoing development process.

I have developed these tools and used them with my clients for years. They’ve been used successfully to obtain finance, to plan and make more profits, to free up more time, and to help clients achieve their goals.

I believe in the process so much that if you are working with me actively on a one-on-one basis I guarantee that you will achieve what we set out, or you won’t actually pay me a cent.