Family Business

When we talk about family business coaching and mentoring, we need to be mindful that every family business is unique because every person within a family business is unique. Even though not all family members may be involved in the business, it is often important to treat all family members equitably at the end of the day. I’ve been in a family business and know firsthand the ins and outs of the family business. I’ve experienced the high points, the extreme low points and everything in between. I know the balancing act between family members who are active in the business, and those who work elsewhere.

Family businesses may not always pay the salary that could be sought outside the business. But on the other side, they can provide other more personally valuable rewards, flexibilities and benefits.

In common with all businesses, family businesses have their ups and downs, but because these happen within the context of a family they don’t get worked through in the same way as normal businesses. When there are tough decisions to be made, they may impact on even the non-working family members and their future. So, sometimes you need to make a decision and you need to talk to someone about it.

The reality is that more than in any other business, the person running a family business needs a sympathetic and business savvy outsider to offload to, to discuss the issues and talk through the choices. I have been there myself. You can’t always talk to other family members because there are things going on that perhaps you can’t discuss with them – maybe you don’t want them to worry, but you need to talk to someone.

I have been in a family business for years and I have advised hundreds of them. I have transitioned from a family business to a business with many stakeholders. I have seen, and been in a family business coping with cancer, motor bike accidents, the divorce of the owners or of other family members.

Business is business at the end of the day and good business advice from a professional advisor is a fundamental need of any going concern. But when it comes to family businesses, ‘oils ain’t oils’. You need to know that you have access to an advisor who understands what the complexities and nuances that running a business within the family environment can mean, and how to manage them.

And remember my guarantee

I am so certain that when you use the business coaching, tools and knowledge that we provide here you will achieve tremendous value, that I guarantee the cost of your investment in these tools, training and knowledge. I can only afford to do this though where you are working with me to achieve specific goals and participating in the ongoing development process.

I have developed these tools and used them with my clients for years. They’ve been used successfully to obtain finance, to plan and make more profits, to free up more time, and to help clients achieve their goals.

I believe in the process so much that if you are working with me actively on a one-on-one basis I guarantee that you will achieve what we set out, or you won’t actually pay me a cent.

If you aren’t achieving what you currently wish to achieve, or you want additional family business coaching tailored for your particular business, plus the resources, information and tools to make things easier to reach your goals, then this is the area for you.