Based on 20 years of financial, business and entrepreneurial experience working with literally hundreds of SME businesses, I and my team have developed these easy paced webinars and courses to reveal powerful techniques I have personally used to:

  • Start successful companies
  • Develop profit improvement plans that increase profits fast
  • Handle cash flow
  • Raise capital
  • Maximise business value for sale
  • Implement management reporting systems that allow you to make better decisions at the right time
  • Select the right tax and legal structures and strategies for your business at the time it really matters – and of course lots more.

Sure, there are many business advisors and business courses available. Very few though are created by full qualified professional accountant and management consultants who are also successful business entrepreneurs themselves.

And that’s the real difference.

Like many of you I have launched and successfully managed businesses-in my case both international and national companies and family businesses.

But my real passion is helping people build great businesses.

Did you know…

That most people we see never truly achieve their goals? They end up getting side tracked dealing with the day to day crises. Our coaching service can really help you keep on track.

This site is intended to help you, to give you the knowledge and empower you to make or take an active role in deciding about your business.

Use the materials here, make the most of your ability to ask questions and understand, to be in control of your destiny. Take advice from professionals but also understand the advice, take an active role in decisions and make sure they truly do suit your needs.

My guarantee

I am so certain that when you use the tools and knowledge that we provide here you will achieve tremendous value, that I guarantee the cost of your investment in these tools, training and knowledge. I can only afford to do this though where you are working with me to achieve specific goals and participating in the ongoing development process.

I have developed these tools and used them with my clients for years.  They’ve been used successfully to obtain finance, to plan and make more profits, to free up more time, and to help clients achieve their goals. 

I believe in the process so much that if you are working with me actively on a one-on-one basis I guarantee that you will achieve what we set out, or you won’t actually pay me a cent.

If you aren’t achieving what you currently wish to achieve, or you want additional resources, information and tools to make things easier to reach your goals, then this is the area for you.