About ROCG

Helping SME and family business entrepreneurs build a profitable future

ROCG is a global practice of business development consultants and accountants committed to providing business advisory and financial advisory services to SMEs.

We believe that SMEs are the background of many economies around the world. That’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about giving private business entrepreneurs access to the same level of quality professional services, advice and tools as the big corporate companies. We also understand that family and private businesses have different challenges. We know that your business is also intricately wound up with your family and your lifestyle.

Business decisions have to be made in a context of financial choices and legal and business requirements, but they also need to account for your lifestyle and the other family stakeholders and their needs. As the business owner you need an opportunity to discuss issues, get good information about your options and talk through some of the challenges – but you can’t always do this with the family. It can be tough and lonely. There is a huge amount of information to get your head around, and the consequences of wrong decisions can destroy a family’s future security. It’s a big responsibility.

And that’s where our skills and expertise come in. As the only major global consulting practice that specializes in this market sector – we know our business. Many of us own and operate family or SME businesses just like you. Collectively our team has hundreds of years of consulting experience with clients across a wide range of industries. And we use our experience to help family and SME business entrepreneurs solve complex business problems.

Come and visit us any time and find out how we can help you start, grow and build the sale value of your business.